Collaborating Brands

To Expand Market Share Through Improved Management

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeteria
  • Office supply
Omni-Channel Model

Embrace the digital revolution effortlessly with our comprehensive omni-channel model. Our user-friendly app streamlines the ordering process, saving you valuable time. On top of that, our dedicated sales force provides personalized support through key account management. They'll be by your side to activate successful campaigns and help you optimize your shelf space for maximum impact.


Master your brand's traditional trade strategy with centralized control over product catalogs, pricing, and promotions. Plus, personalize for micro-markets to maximize impact.

Performance Metrics

Gain a competitive edge with in-depth analytics on brand performance across micro-markets. Benchmark against rivals and category trends to optimize spending and make smarter decisions.

Promotional Strategies

Sheel empowers brands to personalize and execute growth campaigns across platforms like WhatsApp. This multi-channel approach allows for targeted activations tailored to specific customer segments and regions, maximizing impact and efficiency.

Service Add-ons

Sheel is your secret weapon for brand success. We seamlessly manage distribution, marketing, and logistics across districts and cities. Maximize impact with our merchandising solutions and in-depth field research - all in one platform.

Always-On Availability

Our app simplifies inventory management and boosts sales. Order 24/7, see our full catalog, and get next-day delivery to avoid stockouts. Launch new items instantly - all within our user-friendly app.

Maximized Marketing ROI

Level up promotions with gamified campaigns, tailored by channel, retailer, and region. Make adjustments on the fly and track results - all in one place.

Connected Inventory

Seamless digital transactions, real-time performance insights, and actionable micro-segmentation - all for smarter decision-making.

All-in-One Marketing

Enhance your marketing strategy with on-platform ads, app-based push notifications, and powerful analytics. Personalize campaigns, leverage gamification, and manage budgets seamlessly within our platform.

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